2021 PCGS Competition WINNERS


Jay Kacherski, Mak Grgic, Dr. Joseph Carbone, John Demko, Erich Riebe, Joe Straczynski

Junior Division

1ST - Andrei Orasanu

2ND - Owen Wang

3RD - Byung Kim

4TH - Vivian Wang

Adult Division

1ST PRIZE & Peter Segal Prize Winner:

Alan Liu

2ND - Carlos Bedoya

3RD - Alex Park

4TH - Leonela Alejandro

Upcoming events

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Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society

The Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society is a community of guitar enthusiasts of all ages and accomplishments dedicated to encouraging the appreciation, study, and performance of classical guitar music in the Greater Philadelphia Region.


The Bill Viola Memorial Fund was established in 2018 to inspire underserved individuals in our community through musical experiences, music instruction, and music education. Bill Viola’s life as a teacher and musician in Philadelphia serves as the inspiration for this fund (Bill Viola see bio).

The cornerstone of the Bill Viola Memorial Fund is the education for under-resourced individual and communities in the Philadelphia area that are unable to provide high-quality music education, access to concerts, or assist in instrument acquisition for teaching classical guitar. Thus, the Bill Viola Memorial Fund is designed to improve the lives of our diverse community using the classical guitar as a catalyst, and Bill Viola’s love for music and teaching as an inspiration.

PCGS seeks support and donors for the Bill Viola Memoial Fund to reach these objectives.   Make your tax deductible donation today!

Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society
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